Feeling grateful for life is not usual nowadays. I speak for myself, mostly. My eyes, even though they see beauty everywhere – outside – don’t tend to see it inside. Inside me, my work and my daily life. This attitude (looking for beauty and happiness around me) started as an imposed exercise to allow me to feel grateful for what I have. And I’ve been working on it, hardly. And someone once said that if you work hard, life will reward you. I never did nothing expecting to be rewarded, but yesterday I had one of the most amazing gifts ever.

As you grow up, birthday’s tend to matter less and less. Because you’re getting older, because there’s no more gifts (not as many as you had when you where a child, I mean, and because they don’t mean that much 😂) and because life is happening and although you feel like is your day, no one will give you the day off (unless you where born on a holiday – in that case your realy lucky). Yesterday was my birthday and one of those normal days. I had classes and I had to study and there was no time for a party. But… It started with a lovely postal card that made my heart smile. Then, an email from a friend I have that, even though we don’t see each other often, made that distance unnoticeable. After, in the afternoon,  I got a video of all my “sunny-people” wishing me an happy birthday and saying why I made a difference in their lives. I never felt as squeezed-in-a-love-hug as I did on that moment. And it ended with a marvelous dinner with “my family” here in France. By the end of the day, I felt gratitude, real gratitude, for the life I have and the family (blood or ❤-chosen) I have.

Thank you all. Thank you life.


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