Nice irish pub (and dinner) in Nantes, France.
WP_20170423_12_39_31_Rich (2)_e
Lovely bouquet.

You know, life has funny ways to show you the truth you need to see, even if you don’t want to see it. For me, for example, is happiness. I feel like I am running all the time to reach a happiness I (think I) don’t have. When I’m running for a long time, life (always) shows me that happiness is surrounding me, by forcing me to stop and look for the little things I have. A smile of a friend or a stranger, a warm “I miss you”, a sunny day, a nice-coffeebreak-chat with someone I didn’t plan, a happy and cheerful call from family (and my mother’s ability to always cover the camera with her finger when skyping)… That’s MY happiness.

For those who are like me and that sometimes don’t see happiness nearby, give life a hand and… Stop. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply, as many times as you need. Then, open them and slowly (no rushes here), with your heart’s help, look for beautiful things in your “ordinary” life. And you’ll be amazed.

There, in the real world (and right by your side), lies your happiness.


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