OneLens20161223142716 (2)
Random house (and lovely colours).
A random (and beautiful) street.
Did I mention the sky before?
Lights, shadows and love.

Home, they say, is where your heart is. Mine is with my people, my “sunny-people” (as I use to call them) and with this city in the north of Portugal, Guimarães. 

There’s culture, there’s history, there’s lovely human beings and cute places to enjoy your coffee while you absorb the portuguese sunlight (I assure you, is special 😄)… All of this is life, harmoniously gathered in this tiny and colourful piece of earth. This life gives me the feeling of belonging. By being here, leaving and (always) coming back, I learnt to value my blue sky, my sun, my colours, my people, my music, my culture… My roots.

And every time I come back, my heart always takes a deep breath in my chest and says to me:

“Here is where I truly am.” 


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